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“Being an Austrian Celebrity, its hard to find a suitable companion. But I did find on MM”
Being an Austrian Celebrity, it’s hard to find a suitable companion… soo when I am on the internet. I was just on the German talk show Nacht Cafe and talked about meeting Martin. He came to Austria, a number of times before I visited Canada, one year later we were married…

Advice to other members:

Distance is not a factor

daniela2003-unreg and doyouhaveanicea | Married

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I was on another site and was not getting real good replies back from the type of man I wanted to meet. then my friend told me about this site and let me use her profile to chat some. I started chatting with roger for about two or three weeks before we met. We went to lunch, then met the next day lunch again went dancing that evening and never left each other side again sounds crazy I know but we’ve lived together 5 months before getting married I knew he was what I had been dreaming of for so long he’s a in all categories for me. We get along so good it’s really a match made in heaven. He shows me everyday how much he love me, not just in words but in his everyday actions as well. Thank you again.

joseksi and onemoretime2006 , Ridgely, United States

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“We’re a match made in heaven !”
Thank you!, to all the beautiful women I met here through this site.
I finally found the one that is everything I was looking for. She is the most kind, loving woman, a man could ask for. Not to mention she VERY SEXY, cute as a button and intelligent, that’s JOSEKSI my new WIFE.We had a GRAND Wedding and I would like to share some of our pictures.
Good LUCK to everybody here, DON’T give up, It took me 2 years and a lots of aggravation with ups and downs, before I found the ONE for me.

onemoretime2006 and joseksi , Georgetown, United States

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“Never thought it would happen on a dating site…”
Finally it did happen and we are both on cloud nine. At first I was skeptical about joining this site since I wasn’t really looking for a sugar daddy 🙂 Instead someone educated with core family beliefs. Finally I did meet my match and I’m happy we both joined the same site. We’ve been dating for about two months now…and hopefully many more to come…

surftheinlet06 and noonan72 , Miami, United States

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Have faith out there; there are still a lot of good people out there on line dating. Cptcabo (Chris) and I Barbie (Christine) met on this site almost three years ago and have dated long distance since then. We got engaged at Christmas and now were taking this journey to the next level and moving in together in Oct. Too all of you that have been on a thousand dates and have come home and said “never again”, trust me on this one, if you don’t go on the next one you’ll never find what your looking for. I know, I (Christine) as there. Enjoy the journey, it?s only once in a lifetime.

Christinebarbie and Cptcabo , Sacramento, United States

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“We are engaged and will be married next year!”
Thanks to your site I have met the most incredible man!!! We are engaged and will be married next year. He was a member for one day????..!!!!

Your site is amazing.

Thank you for changing my life…..

HolisticHealer – Kered10

HolisticHealer , Danville, United States

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“I met someone here and we are in a committed relationship that is wonderful.”
I met Debbie on on June 7th, 2006. We started out
e-mailing and then calling and eventually met a month later. Although,
I have never believed in love at first sight or soul mates, I have to
admit that this may have happened to us. We are perfect for one another and have had a wonderful six months together. She is my perfect mate and we have plans to eventually marry.


DrAdam , Kalamazoo, United States

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“I have found my special lady on this site.”

I have found my special lady on this site. This is quite unbelievable considering we are both not millionaires. I can’t speak for her, but I myself don’t know why I really joined in the first place to tell you the truth. We are both Christians and consider that God may have wanted us to meet. We are also from different countries so it is even more unbelievable I guess.

Thank you for providing this service and opportunity for both of us. Who knows this could lead to marriage in the next couple of years.

Sydney, Australia


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“Thank you……”

I found my match on And I found him …. or rather he found me, rather quickly. I was on your website less than a week before we found each other. We have been going strong now since Nov. 2005. I have never met anyone so sweet, kind, thoughtful or generous in spirit as him.

Although, we still live in separate cities, we communicate daily and try to getaway to see each other every few months…. it’s hard sometimes not being near him and vice versa, but our relationship is growing stronger and we feel confident that with that growth will come a very beautiful happy future for both of us together….

Thank you……

Honeybunny1965 , Tallahassee, United States

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“I met someone through your site”

I met someone through your site on the 3rd day. He’s flying out this weekend, will see if the chemistry is there-we seem to be a match in every other way. He’s an amazing person, I am surprised at the quality of people on your site. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, the possibilities are very exciting.

ems777 , Carmel Valley, United States

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